Heat Pump Prices

The prices for heat pumps vary depending on many factors. Many heat pump suppliers will want to sell you product that is “overdressed” for your needs. You have to know that they are making fortune on expensive heat pumps and many of them do not even care what your actual needs for energy savings are. Neither do they try to take into consideration your budget or the construction of the building that is in demand for heat pump installation. We will try to find cheap heat pumps for you, vendors that provide solid products for reasonable price. So what is a good price for a new heat pump?

Ground source heat pumps price

geothermal heating systemsGeothermal heat pumps are currently the most energy efficient market mature heat pump products out there. The principle of geothermal pumps is simple. They use the constant temperature in the ground to preheat or pre-chill air and water used in the house. In about eight to nine feet below the surface the temperature is constant throughout the year. Ground source heat pumps use that fact to pump cold water under deep under the surface and draw it back when the water collect enough heat (or cold) for the use in house. These types of heat pumps are as useful for heating in winter as they are for air-conditioning in the hot summer season. Geothermal heat pump prices are far higher than air source pumps equaling anything between couple of thousands of dollars up to $20.000. The bulk of the costs for geothermal heat pumps are made of ground works, digging and laying the pipes around your property. But they are also far more efficient than air based pumps. Additional costs for buying and installing ground source pump over an air pump are usually returned in period of 5-10 years.

Air source pumps price

heat pump efficiencyAir source heat pumps are the cheapest among all heat pump types on the market. These pumps use the air from the outside to heat the rooms. Their efficiency is though highly controversial. When the temperature outside drops under a specific level, air source heat pumps are actually causing you more expenses than a conventional distance or oil heating would. Purchasing air heat pumps therefore depends on the region where you live. Air source pumps prices range anywhere between $500 and $2.000.

Solid heat pumps price

Solid state heat pumps are still an experimental procedure where a piece of designer metal is put into a strong magnetic field. That piece of metal increases its temperature for 2-5 degrees and gives it away to the bypassing water. The procedure is called the Magnetic refrigeration and there are many scientist worldwide working on it to make mature for the market.

The most expensive thing is installation

Whichever heat pump you intend to buy, there is one extremely important fact to consider. The costs for installation can be twice as high as the cost for the pump itself! You have a huge advantage if you are skilled to do the installation yourself.